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Trauma comes in many forms and most of us have some significant, unresolved trauma because we live in a trauma inducing world. Trauma can show up as anxiety, depression, addictions, physical pain and illness, and relationship issues. It might be that you have adopted ways of thinking that don’t work for you. This could be trauma, feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy, anxiety, depression, false beliefs or unhealthy attachments. Through a holistic approach we will discover what is not serving you and you will learn how to transmute these energies with your inner resources. We will tap into your innate strength so that you can move beyond limitations toward a life more aligned with your values and dreams.


EMDR is one of the primary techniques I use in working with clients. I have found that most of us have some form of trauma that is interfering with our lives. These traumas come in all sizes and just because something may not seem like it should be traumatic it could very well be negatively impacting your life. In EMDR we will confront your traumatic memories and heal them so that you are no longer controlled by the intense emotions linked to that memory. Once your trauma and fear no longer control your life, you will be free to move forward unencumbered by the weight your past.


Women's Issues

Many women suffer in silence from issues such as miscarriage, infertility, pelvic pain, traumatic birth, sexual abuse, and other forms of female trauma. This can be a very isolating and lonely experience because in our society these issues are often seen as taboo or uncomfortable to talk about. Therefore, women often force themselves to push on with their lives without ever addressing their emotional pain. However, our body and emotions can only be ignored for so long and in time emotional pain may start to manifest as physical pain, depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

The body has an amazing way of speaking to us, so that we are forced to acknowledge it and take the time to heal. I work with women to help them listen to their bodies and get back in touch with themselves. No matter how long you have been suffering or disconnected it’s never too late to reconnect with yourself and walk into the life that you want to live.

Therapy can assist with both the emotional and physical symptoms and aide in physical recovery and health. When physical symptoms such as pain are present, I encourage working in conjunction with a physical therapist. I provide a compassionate approach where women can feel safe and comfortable expressing themselves.

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